Monday, August 4, 2008

Green mommy gift idea

As a mom it's easy to fall into totally-unselfish mode, but every once in a while an occasion comes around (holidays, birthday, new baby, anniversary . . ) when somebody or somebodies need to give you a gift. If you are both an earth-minded mama AND deep into the habit of thinking about everybody but yourself, you are probably at a loss for what to ask for, and may find yourself telling curious gift givers to just buy you some organic cotton tee shirts or donate to the NRDC on your behalf. But no, no, no! You are no good to your family or the cause of earth consciousness if you let yourself get bedraggled and under-pampered! So, at least once a year, ask for something fabulous. Of course, vintage anything is always earth friendly, but if you need to give a husband or other style-challenged gift giver extremely clear instructions, let me suggest the In the Rough collection by NYC jeweler Sarah Perliss. It's all made of recycled gold and ethically mined stones, plus it has a very subtle, slightly rough-hewn quality that will suit your chic but self-effacing earth mama self. I have the little X earrings and may have to put one of the diamond pieces on the mental wish list I maintain just in case anybody inquires.

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