Sunday, August 17, 2008

Splurge vs. Steal Rug

Somewhat related to my rug post below, it seems like this one Madeleine Weinrib wool flat weave is THE hot rug of the moment. It's on the cover of the September Elle Decor, and I've seen it featured in similar spots. But the fantastic news about it is that you can get one that looks nearly identical, in photos anyway, from Ikea (the Rand rug, for $299 for a 9x12). Since it's wool and has those stark white stripes it is not so terribly family-friendly, but at that price you could simply replace it once it got too horribly dirty. Okay, you're right, that isn't a very eco-friendly sentiment whatsoever, and I'm not planning on buying one because I know that my kiddos would grind Play Dough into the white parts within hours. But I'm just saying, if you want the rug of the moment look on the cheap, head to Ikea asap! (These rugs can't be purchased online, but Ikea has a service that lets you find out in advance if something is available at a particular store).

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