Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New organic textiles at Rubie Green and Plover

I just noticed (though am no doubt late to learn) that there are new-for-fall fabrics and bed, table, etc. linen at Rubie Green and Plover Organics, respectively. I'm not really in the market for any gorgeous new textiles at the moment, but maybe you are? Yes, your kids will probably stain them, but you can't put your life entirely on hold until your kids have grown out of the aggressive staining phase, right? I really like the Rubie Green Habibi, and the Jackie leopard print, even though I am generally not into leopard print, this one is very sort of streamlined and spare and sweet and doesn't remind me of dead animals in the slightest.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Organic cotton tea towels, and other treats

I just discovered this newish line of treats called Hammocks and High Tea. It's been covered by Daily Candy and Lucky mag, so I'm not sure why I didn't learn about it sooner. It has gorgeous looking organic cotton tea towels and recycled paper notecards, among other fun stuff. The notecards are a little pricey, but I ordered some of the tea towels and will report back on whether they live up to expectation once they arrive. I am rather obsessed with tea towels for some reason, and Hammocks and High Tea makes them in lots of cool prints like a Suzani-inspired one and an ikat and a paisley and a chevron . . and organic too, so what could be better?