Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stylish organic kiddie sweater

Thanks to Under the Nile, Speesies, etc., it's now pretty easy to buy basic baby clothes like onesies and pjs in organic cotton. But it's much trickier to find serious pieces like sweaters in eco-friendly materials. So I love this brand new striped organic cotton sweater from PB Kids. It's really sweet and stylish I think, and unisex too, so you could pass it on to any younger or future children, regardless of gender. Little girls could even wear it over a floral print or frilly dresses to tone them down a bit. I had sort of a hard time finding cardis for my daughter that weren't too precious and girlie, but this absolutely fits the bill. Yes, at $58 it is quite expensive for toddler wear, but many of the things at my local chic green kids shop cost even more.

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