Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Earth-friendly crib craze?

Today Ecofabulous reports that Nicole Kidman's new tot is sleeping on one of Q Collection Junior's Solare cribs, which are certified by the Greenguard Environmental Health Institute as having very low emissions. The cribs look lovely, but at $1000+, are much too spendy for most of us. I shelled out quite a bit less for both of my kids' cribs, but made sure that they were made of solid wood, so hopefully emit fewer toxic fumes than those made of composite. I found my infant son's crib through Dax Stores, which seems to be a good online resource for affordable earth-friendly furnishings. I chose the Jenny Lind-style crib made by DaVinci (photo above), which supposedly is finished with only non-toxic paints and made of wood sustainably harvested in Asia. It's made in China, but, hey, you can't have it all--and at $250 or so it is a much better option for most of us than the Q Collection cribs. I must add, though, that my son has an organic cotton crib sheet from Q Collection (not sure how much it cost--it was a gift), and the cotton is deliciously soft and the color is lovely. So if you want a little touch of eco posh in you babe's bed, you might consider some linen from the company.

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