Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eco fantasy furniture

I can't really afford it, don't truly need it and know that the most eco thing is to buy vintage, but just found myself waiting time browsing the Cisco Brothers site. How gorgeous is this sofa? And how much fun would your kids have rolling around on these pouf ottomans? And all of Cisco's things are made with FSC-certified wood (or reclaimed hardwoods) and water-based glues in (local to me) south Los Angeles. If I ever get to do some sort of extravagant fantasy redecorating I can't imagine why I'd need to shop anyplace else (except maybe Q Collection). Of course, after two weeks in my house right now those ottomans would be covered in art supply stains and juice spills. And the sofa isn't the type of thing you slipcover. So I guess it's fine that for now it's just a fantasy.

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