Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The very safest sippy cup

Until recently I had my daughter drinking from one of those Sigg kiddie bottles with the cute cartoons recently, but I became concerned about what exactly they're lined with when I read this post on Treehugger on the subject. I couldn't shake the sense that Sigg sound a little shady and evasive on the subject of BPA, and the owner of one of my favorite green living stores heightened my protective mama bear instincts/toxin paranoia when she said that despite the company's reassurances she has reason to believe that there is some BPA in the liners of the Sigg bottles, and that her store only sells Kleen Kanteen sippy cups as a result (the KKs are stainless steel, with no mysterious plasticy liner inside). So I tossed my daughter's Sigg into the recycling bin that night, and hoped she wouldn't notice. I played up the special-ness of her brand new bottle when I handed her the Kleen Kanteen the next morning, and she didn't even seem to mind that her dog-cartoon-covered sippy had been replaced by this less embellished version.

By the way, did you know that BPA lines soda cans too? I shudder when I think of all of the Diet Cokes I downed in my 20s (not to mention beers in cans--do you think BPA lines beer cans?), and hope that it didn't do too much damage to my then-unconsidered, now-very real, offspring.

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