Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Organic crib bedding on sale!

I just popped over to the Plover Organic website in search of a quilt or duvet for my 2 year old, because she just started to nap at school and I want a more snuggly blanket for her to use there than the cheap-o fleece one we're using at the moment. I was delighted to find that their spring/summer line is on sale, and I am thinking of snapping up one of the quilts for just $65. Though I'm hesitating because of the dire economic news. Does she really NEED a $65 organic cotton duvet for her naps on the floor of the preschool? I feel like she does, but am going to have to think it over a little more. If the economy enters some sort of death spiral will I look back on that purchase and think how foolhardy it was?

But the fall line is on the site too and the designs are gorgeous and strike a spot-on balance of mod/trad/boho that means you could probably use them for ages and never get sick of them. Plus the Plover pieces are not only organic but also meet the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard for non-toxic-ness with their dyes and everything, so they are certainly a company you can feel good about supporting.

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